Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Zinnias... and a Sunflower~

Zinnias have got to be my all time favorite annual flower.  Their colors are so delicious and varied.  They bloom just when most everything else is fading and they are simply the happiest flowers around!
This year I scattered my Zinnia seeds in two intervals, about 4 weeks apart, hoping to extend their bloom time.  I'm really glad I did.  The first plants to mature were disappointing.  Perhaps it was the nasty heatwave we had mid-Summer.  My poor Zinnias just didn't look good.  Some were only half developed, and the few that did bloom properly only stayed pretty for a day or two.
My second wave of Zinnias has done much better!  Their blossoms tend to be a bit smaller, but I think that is just the variety of seed I grabbed.  Their colors are just yummy!
This one is interesting.  It's petals haven't fully unfurled, giving it a "candy cane" appearance.
I had to add this Sunflower to the line-up... it is actually one of many blossoms on one stalk that recently came down after a rainstorm.  It happened to land in front of my old turquoise washing machine turned planter.  I just love the bright turquoise behind the sunny yellow.  To add to the picture, a big fat bee showed up just in time for the photo.

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