Monday, September 20, 2010

Double Trouble

I went down to Chicken Hollow to visit my Girls yesterday, and didn't see two of them.  Usually when one disappears, I find her sitting in the nest box, inside the coop, preparing to lay an egg.  Most hens don't just run inside, pop out an egg and run back out.  It's a much more drawn out affair that involves settling into the nest box, arranging the straw just so in a tidy, circular depression and much purring and cooing.  Since I only have one nest box, there is often a second hen, pacing and complaining below, as one of her Sisters takes her sweet time in the nest.  So I opened the coop door, expecting to find the missing Girls, and I did...
...sharing the nest box!  You've met Harriette and Betty already.  They have always gotten along very well, but this was a bit of a surprise!  My nest box is plenty large enough for two chickens to use at one time, but they both wanted the "sweet spot".  There they were, snuggled together, cooing and purring encouragement to each other.  I left them in peace to finish their business.  The rent needs to be paid, don't you know? 

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