Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vintage purse turned Wall pocket

I discovered this project on one of my favorite blogs- http://sassytrash.blogspot.com/
and had been on the lookout for the components for awhile.  I found the little Italian frames a few weeks ago, and then the perfect old shiney vinyl purse last night.
My handy dandy Dremel cordless drill was used to put little holes in the frames in order to wire them to the purse.  I used old buttons on the inside to reduce the stress on the old vinyl.  The hardest part was getting the holes punched through the purse in the proper spots to keep the frames centered and straight.  Threading the wire through was a bit tricky too, but needlenosed pliers made the job a little easier.

These are my Mom and Dad's Graduation pics.  Aren't they wonderful?  I inadvertantly discovered a great way to create the perfect sepia toned prints with my inkjet printer.  I had some old mailing labels, designed to be used on an inkjet printer.  I figured I could just stick the lables directly onto the frame backing board.  So I converted my images to B&W (I'm out of color ink, as usual) and sized them to fit my frames.  Once they were printed, I peeled one up, only to discover that the labels are actually transparent with a matte finish.  Hmmmm... what to do?  I dug out some gold tone parchment paper and applied the labels to that, and bingo!  Perfect sepia tone images.

This particular purse has a flat bottom, so it sits nicely on a table top, which works well if you want to put a short vase with fresh flowers in it.  The water filled vase makes it hang funny when on the wall, but dried flowers would work well.  On a side note, the pickin's are pretty slim in my garden, but I cut some Lavender foliage as filler and they smell almost as good as the blossoms do!

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