Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pet Politics

My 24 year old Son moved back home this past Spring, bringing his little dog, Bradley with him.  It has been interesting to watch the ensuing "pet politics" as our cat, Pansy and Bradley became aquainted.
Initially, Pansy's attitude was, "What is this creature, and why have you allowed it to invade my domain?"  Of course, being a dog, Bradley's was more like, "Hold still so I can sniff you..."
Bradley is half Pomeranian and half Dachshund with an ear span that measures 10 inches.  He's a very smart little guy whose greatest desire is to make his people happy.

Pansy is a long haired "mutt" kitty, who is terrified of thunder and thinks she is a Queen.  She does her best to ingnore Bradley's presence, in her most dignified manner, though when they pass each other, she simply can't resist batting at his happily wagging tail.

Bradley uses his cuteness blatantly, and has managed to wrap everyone in the Family around his furry little paw, except Pansy, of course.  She looks on with disdain tinged with smugness, since the silly dog was reprimanded for chasing her.  He's a clever one, though.  Instead of chasing the cat, he'll "block" her by running up and stopping in front of her, making her retreat or find a way around him.

Not to be outdone by a dog, Pansy will abandon her dignity occasionally, and wallow around like a rag mop.  They have a very interesting, competitive relationship, much like brothers and sisters.

This is Bradley, doing his fox impression.  It's no wonder my chickens were terrified of him, when they first met.  Of course it didn't help that he gleefully chased them around the yard.  He quickly learned that chasing was not allowed, (did I mention that this dog is extremely smart?) and now my flock tolerates him quite well.

Pansy is still Queen of her castle...

and Bradley has assumed the role of Court Jester.

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  1. Your cat is beautiful! She should be queen of the castle!
    Just dropping by to say 'hi' and nice to meet you. Found you through a comment you left on someone else's blog, and was drawn to your pictures :)