Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Gobbly Wobblyn~

I was browsing in my favorite "last chance" Goodwill store yesterday, when I heard one of the employees laugh and ask another person, "What the heck is a Gobbly Wobblyn?"  Now who wouldn't be curious?  I wandered over and peeked into the bin she was working from, and there it was...
In all it's musty, tattered glory, The Gobbly Wobblyn by H.S. Wittmaak.  I had no idea what it was, just that I had to have it!  As quickly as I could, I snatched up this ratty treasure and put it in my cart.  When I got it home, after shelling out a whopping 29 cents, I carefully examined my find.
There is a very good reason for it's tattered condition...  This book was copyrighted in 1924!  As I began exploring through the pages, I discovered that not only is it old, but this book is Odd.  Quirky.  Even Spooky.  It has delightful illustrations...
Some of them in color...
But this is the one that really got my attention!  Look closely.  Remember the copyright on this book is 1924.  Is that guy using a cell phone??  No wait, it's a Call U Phone!
  Unbelievable.  Somebody's imagination was way ahead of their time.  This book even has a song printed on the end page, "Under the Lollypop Tree".
I had to apply a bit of glue to the binding, so the thing won't fall apart completely, before I can get the jist of the story.  So in the meantime, I looked it up on the internet.  Wow!!  A copy of this book, in good condition, is being sold for $125!  There was a second book in the series called The Rubber-oons.  I really doubt I'll ever be lucky enough to run across it, but I intend to enjoy this one!


  1. Very cool book! I'll keep my eye out for any others for ya!

  2. It can certainly be beneficial to listen to the mutterings of others. Love it!

  3. My great grandfather wrote these books. The second in the series is easier to find. I found it awhile ago but I cant find an affordable copy of the first book. He was in the process of writing a third book when he died. I have a copy of his third book that he was editing at the time.

  4. Hello Andrew! How nice of you to comment. Your Great Grandfather must have been a fascinating man. I'm especially intriqued by the "Call-U-Phone" that he dreamed up, so long before the first cellular phone! If I ever run across any more copies, I'll let you know, via this blog. You really should own them all!