Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Vintage Purse Wall pocket...

Having worked in the Photofinishing Industry for most of my life, I'm always looking for new, interesting ways to display photographs.  My first vintage purse frame/wall pocket was so much fun, I'm determined to do more.  Of course it is necessary to find the right old purses and then the proper frames... and we all know how much I love to treasure hunt!
This old faux snakeskin pocketbook fit the bill nicely.  I like that it's not quite as formal as the shiney patent leather, and called for a simpler style frame. 
My dear parents have once again made an appearance, this time in their baby portraits.  Handsome little Maurice (his Momma called him "Mossy") and sweet little JoAnn.  The frames I used are the simple little brass ones that are hinged together, so they can stand alone.  Kind of symbolic that these dear babies were meant to be married on day...

I added one of my lace flowers, made from handcrafted vintage lace and and old rhinestone button.  It seemed the perfect touch.  A dried spray of baby's breath would be lovely tucked into the purse.  I need to get may hands on some.  Now I'm on the look out for a big vintage handbag that will accommodate a large frame for a family portrait.

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