Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bits of beauty...

I keep thinking my flowers are done, but closer inspection always shows me that they haven't given up quite yet.
My Asters are no surprise, this is their Season, afterall.

My Cosmos has been blooming all Summer long, but was kinda overlooked earlier, when my gardens were at their peak.  Now they can be more appreciated.
I've got Moss Roses scattered throughout my garden planted in various containers.  They thrive on neglect, so when I forget to water them, they just keep on going.

I love this brilliant splash of red, down by my chicken coop.  Zinnias are my all time favorite annual.

Last, but not least are these sweet little pink Baby's Breath blossoms.  A few weeks ago, this plant was complete dried up, so I was delighted to find it had come back to life to bless me with it's darling, tiny pink flowers! 

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  1. Beautiful photos! Zinnias are my favorite, too!