Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love old books?

I love books.  Big books, little books, fat books, thin books, fiction or history.  I love 'em all, but I especially love old books!  I found a couple of beauties yesterday while thrifting.
I really liked the look of this old Animal Husbandry text book from 1922.  When I opened it up and discovered that many of it's pages are loose, I decided I needed to have it!

Loose pages mean that I can use said pages for various projects, without the guilt associated with defacing a book.  I'm saving the poor thing from the landfill, and appreciating all it has to offer!

This wonderful blue book is one of a partial set of encyclopedias I discovered.  I only bought one, since I'm really pinching my pennies these days.  I didn't feel bad about breaking up a set, since somebody else had already done that.  My first thought was that this lovely tome would make an awesome "secret stash" book, with the center removed to create a hollow.

Once I started looking at the lovely illustrations inside, I'm rethinking that notion.  Now I really wish the entire set had been there, and I'd had the money to purchase it!  I can probably salvage the best of the artwork, and still create a hollow within it's pages..., time will tell! 

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  1. I agree,old books are beautiful... thanks for stopping by today! happy weekend!:)