Monday, September 6, 2010

Last chance Goodwill finds...

I am fortunate to have a really great Goodwill store in a neighboring town.  I found this wonderful old handknit wool afghan, and the vintage spools of  mending thread there today, at very reasonable prices.
Even better, right next door to the regular Goodwill store is the "Last Chance" outlet.  This is where all the items that aren't sold at the regular Goodwills in the area are sent.  Here the prices are slashed 50% to 80%.  You find a lot of useless junk here, but sometimes you find some real treasures... like this vintage framed Rin Tin Tin print.
And this adorable little girl advertising Hood Sasparilla, also vintage, and in excellent shape.  How much did I pay for these treasures you ask?  Why, a mere 29 cents each!  That's what I paid for the two old ball shaped planters too.  29 stinkin' cents!!  I LOVE IT!
My kitty, Pansy, approves of my new, old wool afghan.


  1. Don't ya just love thrift-store shopping?? I've always wanted to go to a last-chance store; it's quite a few miles from us but I might have to plan a roadtrip soon. Great finds!

  2. I spent a happy 50 minutes at GW in Lansing earlier tonight. It is heaven when I am broke but find something new to wear for a few bucks. I saw a red glass cradle for $1.99, candy dish size, but I resisted and now I can't believe I didn't think I needed it. I was wrong. I hope it's there tomorrow.

  3. My Thrifting rule is, if I put something back that I seriously considered buying, and it's still there the next time I go to that store, that means it was meant to come home with me. I hope you find it tomorrow, Sis!