Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a kitty!

Every once in awhile, I run across something that just makes me smile... and wonder what the story is behind it.  This hand crocheted dresser scarf, for instance.  Somebody put considerable time, effort and talent into crocheting this lovely old piece.  And then there is the kitty embroidered on it, obviously done by someone with less skill.  The embroidery is heavy handed and off center, and yet it has a certain naive charm.  I'll never know the story behind this intriguing bit of needlework, so I'll just have to use my imagination.  In my mind I can see a loving Grandmother, who has spent long hours perfecting her skill with a crochet hook and thread.  She is probably a veteran knitter, seamstress and embroiderer as well, and has a drawerful of finished handcrafted pieces.  This venerable old lady most likely has several Grandchildren, and one of her Granddaughters begs to be taught some of her skills.  "What do you want to make", Gramma asks?  "A kitty", the little girls exclaims!  Gramma rummages through her finished projects, and sewing basket and pulls out embroidery floss and the dresser scarf.  "O.K., sweetheart, lets see what we can make..."

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  1. That is cute. My grandmother (who was that seamstress you described ... lol) made a gorgeous bedspread out of a lace table cloth that she embroidered with ribbon. Its a very special piece in my family along with her crocheted lace doilies and pot holders. Your kitty scarf reminds me of a vintage dresser scarf I found at a rummage sale with kittens embroidered on it. You're right, it does make one smile!