Friday, September 10, 2010

~Today's yardsale finds~

Today is a perfect September day in mid-Michigan.  The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and the air is pleasantly cool.  I started out my day with a job interview- good, but not exactly fun.  The drive home was lovely though, because I found a couple of nice yardsales, with low prices and old stuff!
I got all this great stuff for less than $10.  The first sale was just the kind I like best.  Everything had just been hauled out of the barn, and it all had to go... nothing was more than a dollar!  I found the six foot length of picket fence at the second sale for $2.  It was fun fitting that into my little car!

Yes, the old cooler is very grubby, but I'm not afraid of dirt and it is still functional... as long as I don't plant flowers in it!  The old insulators were a mere nickle each.  I especially like the flower pot mosaiced with rocks.
I was really tickled to find the post hole digger and the pruners.  I needed both, and at $1 each, what a bargain!!
I'm not sure how I'll use the old cider jug yet, but for a dime, I couldn't pass it up.  Who doesn't want pumpkins in September?  The lady I bought them from has a large pumpkin patch and these were just some of the few she had for sale.  I'll go back in a couple of weeks to check out what has ripened.  She gave me a good tip, to make your pumpkins last longer.  Give them a nice soapy bath, rinse well, then dip them in a weak water and bleach solution and allow them to thoroughly air dry.  She had the most beautiful white pumpkin for $7.  Out of my price range, but so cool, and it would practically glow all by itself at night.  I may have to save my pennies and get one later in the Month.  Maybe if that job comes through...


  1. I love the little chair with the pot. I have a rather large collection of small chairs. I would have snatched that up too! I always admired the bottle lamps sold at Pottery Barn but I didn't care much for their price tag. Your bottle would make an awesome lamp. Adapters are easy to come by. The plug/light switch are all in the part with the bulb that gets stuck into the bottle opening. Then you use a clip on shade. It would be fun filled with stones or seashells.

  2. I'm lovin' that piece of picket fence! What great finds and great prices!! And good tip with the pumpkins.