Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn has arrived...

We had a long, slow Spring, then Summer just seemed to zip by, and suddenly it's Autumn.  I'm hoping this Fall season takes it's time, like Spring did, and just lingers...  Anyway, I bit the bullet and started decorating for Autumn.
This is the display I set up on my front porch today.  I want to put Mums in the old minnow pails, and the old wooden bucket (which is actually part of an old ice cream churn).  I also need some black birds, in honor of Sage, the baby grackle we raised two Summers ago.  I'm sure I'll be tweeking this display quite a bit between now and Thanksgiving, so check back to see my updated photos! 


  1. Very cute! I love the yellow ladder; the skull head is a little creepy. ha! But I suppose it is Halloween too.

  2. I agree, mums would be pretty in the minnow buckets. Very pretty vignette ... even with the spooky skull in the cage. lol! I do like that touch of Halloween in there. I like your little yellow ladder too.