Monday, September 27, 2010

Pearls for my teenager...

If you have teenagers, then you probably know how different their tastes are from that of their Mother's.  My 15 year old Daughter and I have a very good, loving relationship, but I stopped trying to pick out clothing or accessories for her a long time ago.  After hearing an abrupt "No", and seeing the eyeroll everytime I held something up and said, "hey, this is cute", I decided to let her pick out her own style, while reserving my veto power.  This method has worked out just fine.  Imagine my surprise, when Emily noticed a vintage simulated pearl necklace I had just brought home from a thrifting trip.  "OMG!"  At this, I almost dropped it...  "Where did you get that?  Can I try it on?  Oh Mom, I LOVE it!!"  Of course, I gave it to her.
It really does suit her beautifully.  My not so little Girl has a long slender neck and flawless skin, not to mention a cute hair cut that exposes the nape of her neck and the pretty clasp on her new, old necklace.  She wore it to school today, and made her Mamma proud!  I really doubt that She'll let me post her picture on here, but if she does, I'll let you know!

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