Sunday, October 31, 2010

A couple more teasers...

I'm still waiting on a few pics of my entire costume before I decide what I'll let you all see..., but here are a couple of close up shots of my accessories, as I used them, courtesy of my lovely Niece.  Thanks, Shondi!

I had to wear my goggles hanging from my belt, due to the afore mentioned superglue fumes.  That was fine, since I wear real glasses, and really didn't want to go around squinting all night at the party.  I made these lovely eye protecters using scrap leather, and grommeted trim I already had on hand, pieces of an old travel alarm clock that was dismantled, and the lens caps from two dollar store flashlights.  I would have prefered brass eye pieces, but this was what was available on short notice (as in, I waited till the last minute to make these)!
My pendant was made using the majority of the alarm clock pieces, another old watch, an old brass key, a single earring, black satin ribbon, and vintage lace.  The clock parts are mounted on a piece of black leather, mainly to protect the wearer (myself) from pokey bits.  Clock parts have many pokey bits.  I added the lace for a more Victorian look.  Here you can also get a better look at "the Corset".  My Sister purchased this lovely piece of feminine attire, second hand at least 25 years ago.  It was vintage then, and it's even more vintage now!  It has been used by my Sister, myself, her Daughters and this year, by my Daughter, for various Halloween costumes including Saloon Girls, Gypsies, and Witches.  A little skirt made from a half slip, sparkly tulle, and a satin rose have been added to it over the years.  Stay tuned to see how I used it this year!

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