Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steampunk stool?

When I'm thirfting, I like to have a project in the back of my mind.  Lately, that project has been my "steampunk" library corner, so everything I look at goes through that filter...  Will this work?
It most certainly will! Obviously it needs some polishing, but how could I not grab this awesome brass stool?  It could hold one of my globes...
or be a little side table, next the the comfy reading chair I hope to procure.

Or, I could flip in over, line it with some victorian-esque fabric, and use it for a waste basket!  I shall indeed find a use for this wonderful brass item in my steampunk library. 

I've had this pieces kicking around for awhile, not quite sure how to use it.  It's a bit too battered to use as an actual suitcase, but it makes a great storage container.  I'm thinking it has the right look for my corner, and it would be a good way to store things like old sheet music and such.

This is the corner I intend to transform, currently occupied by my Son's computer.  Shhhhh, he's not yet aware of my plans...  The faux finish on the walls will stay.  I think it lends an "old world" feel.

I'm thinking of moving this corner cupboard into my library corner, minus all the miscellaneous stuff it is currently loaded down with, of course.  Yes, that is dust you see on the shelves.  I'm considering lightening up the interior with  old sheet music decopauged on the inner back walls.  The cupboard will, hopefully, be flanked by shelving on either side, longer on the left side.  I'd like to find victorian style brackets for my shelves, something like these:

I found these on ebay, but have not yet purchased them.  I think with cool brackets like these, I can get away with simple stained boards for the shelves.   I've got lots of lace dresser scarves and such that will give them a more victorian feel, and awesome old books...

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