Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Wonderful Old Wine Barrel!

I was standing in the checkout line at... you guessed it, Goodwill, when one of the employees wheeled this item up on a dolly, and plopped it down right next to me!   My heart rate immediately skyrocketed.   Did I dare look at the price tag?  It had to be out of my price range, right?  Remember, I'm a tightwad, by necessity of course... Oh alright, it's genetic.  I've got Scottish blood that simply won't allow me to throw my money around, regardless of the weight of my purse.  I had to do it.  I left my cart to hold my place in line, and scurried over to check out the price tag.  $9.99.  Oh dear.  Had it been $20 or $30, like I expected, it would have broken my racing heart, but I'd have left it there for someone else.  But $10?? 
Look at that wonderful aged wood and those esquisite rusty metal hoops!  Who could say no to that??  I was certain, with a bit of re-arranging, that I could fit it in my car.  If not, it wouldn't be the first time I had called my Hubby to come with the trailer...
Look at that bung!  And the split branch that was once wrapped around the center, to protect this barrel when it was rolled from one corner of the warehouse, to another.  It's loose now, but still...  When you remove the bung, you can see that the inside of the barrel is stained a deep burgundy.  Oh, how I wish I could taste the wine that it once held.  Well, this wonderful old wine barrel is now mine!  It easily fit into my back seat, once I removed several less exciting items and stashed those in the trunk.  What will I do with it, you wonder?  I'm still working on that...


  1. I too would've been wiggling in my shoes, what a buy, can't believe you don't have a truck, don't know what I'd do without mine, but I've crammed many a piece into other gals cars...hey, ya do what ya gotta do!

    I love Hazel, she's a beauty, can't wait to have another flock, I miss my girls!

  2. Awesome find!! That certainly would have been priced higher at a good will around here. Looking forward to see what you do with it.