Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old treasure and New Chicken~

I've been a bit distracted of late.  Job interviews and Halloween prep have been keeping me busy.  Then a telephone call from one of my Hubby's friends set me to scrambling in a totally different direction.  Could I take another hen into my flock?  He had a small flock of chickens that had, one by one, been picked off by local predators.  He had one remaining hen that was not a happy camper, to be all alone.  Chickens are flock animals.  They are not comfortable as loners, and this poor girl was distraught, calling in vain for her flockmates that were no more.  I told him to bring her over, then proceded to cobble together a temporary shelter for her.
This is my new Girl.  She is a Rhode Island Red, just like my Girl, Isabelle.  When I asked her name, I was told "she's Lucky".  Hmmmm, she may be lucky, but that isn't a very dignified name for such a beautiful chicken.  After a bit of consideration, I decided that her new name will be Hazel.

Here is a shot of Hazel, with her new big Sister, Isabelle, checking her out.  Hazel is just 6 months old, a year younger than my other Girls.  You can see the difference in their leg color.  As she gets older, her bright yellow legs will gradually fade to white.  She is a bit smaller than Isabelle too, but I think she will catch up in size eventually.  Now we need to make it through the "Pecking Order Gauntlet".  Being the new bird in a flock is not easy.  The other Girls chase and peck at her, and try to keep her away from the food and water.  Luckily, Hazel is very quick and agile (being younger helps...) and is able to skitter away when they pick on her.  Hopefully things will settle down within a few days, and they will let her bunk with them in the coop at night.  Until then, she has her own little place.
I also wanted to show you all this lovely, that I found at Goodwill the other day!

Nothing makes my heart go pitty pat, like something from an old barn.  This old cast iron and wood pulley still has barn debris clinging to it! 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this old pulley! 

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  1. Wow! Goodwill - how lucky. It is a beauty. Loved your story of Hazel and the trials of joining a flock. Years ago I had a few sweet hens, but like the man that called you, something got them one night and I couldn't bare to face that again.