Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Victorian Steampunk Timetraveler and Friends...

Here it is!  The final reveal of my Halloween costume!  In the spirit of the Steampunk Library I'm attempting to create, I decided to go with the same theme for my getup...  Yeah, I know my eyes are closed in this shot.  It happens...
Ah, that's better!  Now I can see you!   You can also see how my annoying Navigator Bird refused to stay perched on my head.  He kept sliding down the side, and hanging his tail feathers in my face.  As you can see, time travel does terrible things to your hair-do... 
Here is a shot of my Sister and I.  Her costume started out as a Swamp Monster, believe it or not.  Luckily it continued to morph until it became the lovely Renniasance Rainforest Goddess you see before you!  Double click on the pic to get a better look at her purse.  It's entirely covered, both front and back with foliage!

And last but not least is a shot including my dear Niece, whose party we attended.  Doesn't she make a darling Kitty?  I just love Halloween!  Now we can get on with the more serious business of dealing with Winter coming on...  Uuuug, do we have to?


  1. All you need is brass goggles to get to full blown Steampunk. Very impressive Halloween costume.

  2. My goggles are hanging from my belt- not brass, though they do have some brass bits and pieces attached. You can see better pics of them in my prior two posts.

  3. OMgosh, tas...you all look terrific & what a fun, fun time! And I love your sis' swamp accessories! Sweet! TFS! Jeannespines

  4. How adorable you all look! Great costumes!

  5. Love it! You all are having way too much fun LOL!