Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sneak Peek of my Halloween Costume...

Because I left my camera at home when we went to the party, and I had to drop off "the Corset" on our way home, to my darling Daughter.  I'm proud to say my 16 year old and I can both wear it (of course I have to use the outside hooks, but still...)
Gotta have the goggles!  Safety first!!  Oh, and here is a tip- if you use super glue during the construction of said goggles, give them a day or two to breath before wearing them.  Eyeballs do not appreciate super glue fumes!
The pendant is for Where and When, and the Bird is my Navigational Assistant.  Fortunately, I had several folks at the party who took pics of my entire costume, so once they send them to me, you'll get to see the rest!  Happy Halloween!

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