Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~Old Sheet Music and Graphics~

I have been having WAY to much fun, playing around with old sheet music, my inkjet printer, and B&W graphics from  "The Graphics Fairy".  If you don't have sheet music, parchment paper or even old dictionary pages would work just as well.  The larger sheets I cut down to the size of ordinary printer paper.  The hymnal pages were carefully taped to a sheet of printer paper.  Be sure your sheet music is laying perfectly flat, so nothing catches inside the printer. 
It's especially fun to look for song titles that work with your images.  I found that stark black and white images with no shading in the background work best, like the big bat.  If the image you want is in color or sepia, you can convert it to black and white in photoshop.  Cranking up the contrast and lightening the image helps to eliminate much of the background shading.

You can find some surprisingly appropriate (or inappropriate, depending on your point of view...) titles on old hymnal pages.  I really wish I'd had a vampire image for this particular page, but the bats are pretty cool!
I really like the way this one turned out.  I tore the edges off to make it the right size, rolled it up and dropped it into an old cider jug.  The paper unfurls itself.  It's hard to read the title in the shot, but it's called "The Hand of You".  Now I'm off to see what other spooky images "The Graphic's Fairy" has to offer!


  1. These are so fun...I just love the skeleton hand in the jug!