Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taters, taters! I love me some taters!

I'm not what you'd call a "seasoned" vegetable gardener, but I have managed to grow a few things this year.  Tomatoes, of course.  A few pumpkins.  Rhubarb and Kale.  But the crops that excite me the most are my taters...
These are my German Butterball potatoes.  They aren't huge, only one or two were "baking" size, but my oh my, are they tasty! 
Now, these beauties are my Sweet Potatoes.  I must say, they are my favorite crop to grow.  Did you know that you can get dozens of plant starts (or slips) from just one average sized sweet potato?  Just stick it in a glass of water in early Spring, and snap the sprouts off when they get a few inches long.  Place the sprouts in another glass of water, and they will grow roots.  Your sweet potato will continue to produce sprouts long after you've started your garden.  Once all danger of frost is past, stick you starts in the dirt and watch 'em grow!  I like to grow my sweet potatoes in a raised bed that is about two feet deep.  The foliage cascades over the sides and is very pretty, and it is so easy to find your crop in the fall.  The picture above is just half the sweet potatoes I harvested from my 2' x 2' raised bed.  Next year, I think I need a couple more...  

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  1. Freshly harvested potatoes are so creamy and delicious!