Monday, August 16, 2010

Today is my 50th Birthday!

My gift to myself is starting this Blog... something I've always wanted to do, but didn't quite know how to start.  This blog is mostly about my obsession with vintage collectables, a hobby that has pretty much taken over my life.  There are a few other things I enjoy, of course, and they will make their way into this space as well.  I love to garden, and take photos of my flowers.  Vegetables arew new fairly for me, but you'll probably see some of my veggie experiments as well.  I also love to read, so my favorite books are sure to make an appearance at one time or another.  I enjoy writing, so you may see some of my poems and stories.  I am a crafter, so watch for some of my projects!  My last big obbsession is... CHICKENS!!  I have a small flock of six hens that entertain me and provide me with eggs every day, and you can count on hearing stories and seeing pictures of my Girls!  Thanks for stopping by!  Kathy

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  1. Hi "tasymo"! This is Luna Llena Feliz aka Kathy (imagine that ... 2 Kathys in the world!) from Garden Junk. Happy birthday for starters! I turned 50 back in March. Love your great finds and how you have arranged them (I have a weakness for McCoy pottery myself). I'll have to add your blog to my favorites. :)