Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunshine in my garden makes me happy...

Since it is a rather dreary, overcast day today, I decided to pay tribute to some of the sunny bloomers in my garden.  Yellow is such a bright, happy color and I wouldn't be without it.  The Coryopsis is no longer blooming so profusely, but my Black Eyed Susans and still going strong, and the Sunflowers... well they are just magnificent!
As you can see, they tower over everything else in the yard!  My chicken coop in the background is six feet tall.  I wish I could get a shot of the gold and purple finches that are gorging on the seeds.  Those beautiful little birds move so fast I can't get close enough.  If you want to attract a multitude of feathered friends to your yard, plant Echinacea and Sunflowers.  The birds feed on the seed heads that I leave standing, all winter.

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