Thursday, August 26, 2010

~More Rusty Stuff~

I simply cannot resist cool old rusty items!  I pretty sure this attraction comes from the fond memories I have of the old homestead where I grew up.  We had a huge old barn and several smaller out buildings that housed all kinds of intriguing bits and pieces from the past.


We kids had great fun dragging grubby junk out of dusty corners to create what we called "forts".  One outbuilding had once been a blacksmiths shop, and yielded many fascinating items like old shoe lasts and grinding stones.

To this day a piece of rusty iron, or weathered fencing brings back fond memories of my carefree childhood.  We didn't have video games or cell phones back then.  Sunshine and fresh air were out daily tonic, unless of course, we were rummaging around in the basement of the barn...

Then it was dim and dusty, old hay and rusty tools.  Heaven!  To this day, I love old barns, the more neglected, the better.

When I see a "barn sale" sign while driving out in the country, I cross my fingers and hope I'll find an old barn housing the sale.  If I do, you can bet my attention isn't focused on the carefully assembled items for sale, but instead on the dim, dusty corners where bits and pieces of a former life can often be found.


  1. I found your blog through the Garden Web site somehow, but I too used to make forts with my cousins in the old abandoned barn across the road from my grandma's house. I never made the connection of liking rusty stuff until I read your interpretation here. Thanks for giving me an "Ah ha moment!" I've always said I was born in the wrong time period.

    I have to tell you, looking at your creations made my day! I've been in a real depressed state; I lost my husband in May and I have been up and down ever since. You made me very happy today. I want to thank you for this. I need to start looking around the house and garage for "found stuff". I am a dumpster divin' diva! LOL. I would love to copy some of your stuff to put in the yard. Thanks again. Hugs, Taunia. I have a blog @ itsagoddeal.

  3. Hello Taunia! I'm glad you enjoyed my post. This stuff makes me happy and I'm thrilled to share it! I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you've got the right attitude to get back into the swing of things again. I'll be watching you blog to see how you're doing. Kathy