Thursday, August 19, 2010

I LOVE rusty stuff...

There is something wonderful about old, weathered and rusty in a garden setting.  I doesn't matter if your plants are fresh and new, in their blooming glory, or gone to seed.  Rusty stuff always looks good to me!
This is the base to an old cast iron stove that I converted into a planter.  The lovely designs were difficult to see in it's original all over rusty condition, so I gave it a light coating of white spray paint and let nature take over.

I use the back of my shed to display several pieces of rusty art.  This sun-like object is part of an old farm cultivator.

This old register grate was once painted white, but most of the paint has chipped away. It reminds me of a cathedral window.
This is the corner of one of the two large grates I have mounted on the back of my shed.  A wild rose bush choose to grow up behind them, keeping them from sprawling over my garden.  I decided that was a fine idea, and let it stay.
I love old oil lanterns and have several scattered through out my gardens.  Old tools like this make me wonder about the folks who used them before electricity was commonplace. 


  1. LOVE all of your rusty treasures!

  2. Hi, I love your rusty stuff, especially the stove base planted. What a great idea!
    I came here from garden junk, you might recognize my name.
    Check out my blog too if you want.

  3. Hey Sister, Lovin' the blog and pics.