Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Elf Planter just in time for Christmas!

I did a little junking today, and look what I found!
Isn't this just too cute?  I have to admit that I have a terrible weakness for these old planters, even though I almost never use them for their intended purpose.  Of course the horrible fake flowers will go (in fact, they are already gone...) and it needs a good cleaning.  Years of dust and grime are built up on the poor thing, but my dishwasher does a fine job of getting rid of that.  I'm thinking perhaps I'll use it as a candle holder, or maybe for candy canes for the Holidays.  It says "Gilner-Calif 19(c)51" on the bottom.  I'm really tickled that the little elf is in perfect condition, with his little acorn cap and itty bitty boots.  I've seen similar pieces before, but they were usually chipped or way to pricey.  Not this cutie!  $2!!

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