Friday, November 12, 2010

A bit of a Fantasy Novel I may, or maynot, finish one day...

Several years ago, I crafted a couple of dolls, using polymer clay for their heads, hands and feet, and padded wire armature for their bodies.  They are purely made up characters from my imagination, but I found myself trying to explain them to folks.  I decided perhaps a story about them was in order.  This is just a description of some of the characters and the world they live in.  Perhaps I'll post some of the story itself (which is not by any means finished) eventually.

This is LouElla NicOwl

This is Angus McNary

The Saga of the NicOwl’s

The Residents of Owl~

The residents of Owl are an interesting Folk, descended from an eclectic mix of people including Fairies, Elves, brownies and Humans, as well as a few even lesser known beings. It is their human blood that sets them apart from the others creatures who inhabit the Eldritch Realm, and binds them to this Earthly plane. Conversely, their eldritch blood sets them ever apart from the humans of Earth. For the most part they are a small Folk, averaging between three and four feet in height. They are commonly referred to as “Halflings”. These fascinating folk tend to have pointed ears, prominent noses and four fingers and toes, depending on the heritage of each individual. Some even sport horns or tails if a bit of Goblin blood found it’s way into their lineage. More than a few residents of the Village have some sort of magic, in varying degrees of power and usefulness. They are a close knit community, heavily dependant on each other, and yet, tend to have highly individual and independent natures.
The Halflings of Owl are at one with the forest that surrounds their village. They depend on the dense woods and rolling hills to protect and sustain them. They hunt and fish, and gather the fruits, nuts and mushrooms that the forest produces. In small, hidden clearings, they grow and harvest vegetables, grains and herbs. The Village is rich with artisans, due to it’s need for self-sufficiency. The residents of Owl do trade for some items with a few trusted Tinkers who know how to find them, but for the most part, they are well-hidden from the rest of the World, and content to stay that way. The lifespan of a Halfling is roughly twice that of a human. It is not unknown for an Elder in the community to reach the two century mark. The Elders of Owl are held in great reverence and respect. After close to two centuries of life, these venerable Oldsters have acquired deep wells of wisdom that their friends and families depend upon.

The Family of NicOwl~

Lizbet NicOwl is the most ancient of the Village’s Elders. She has surpassed the two century mark by several years, out living her Husband and her only Daughter, Felicia. She is the Village Healer and Matriarch of the NicOwl Family. This Matriarchal society holds her in the highest esteem. Family names are taken from the Mother’s line and Husbands most often take their Wives Family name as their own. Granny Lizbet, as she is affectionately called, watches over Her Village, and most especially over her Grandchildren and their Families.
The Owl’s Daughter’s Inn, or NicOwl’s Place is the very heart of the Village. It was established nearly two hundred years ago by Lizbet’s Husband, Erasmus, also known simply as Grampy. The Inn was passed on to LouElla NicOwl, after her Grandfather, Mother and Father died in the same tragic accident. It is at the Inn that a hot meal, or a cold tankard can always be found. If a game of stones or a warm, comfortable place to rest by the hearth is desired, the Inn is the place to go. With LouElla NicOwl’s cheerful wit and efficient presence, NicOwl’s Place keeps Owl humming. LouElla is unmarried, and happy to stay that way. She does have an adopted Son, Fergus. Fergus was delivered to LouElla’s door by a Tinker who discovered the orphaned boy trying to steal a loaf of bread and some silver spoons from his pack. The kind hearted Innkeeper promptly fed the boy a hot meal, gave him a much needed bath, and tucked him into a warm bed. Fergus Lightfinger has lived with LouElla at the Inn ever since. He helps her by hunting for small game, gathering firewood and doing any other small task she requires of him. Fergus is not the brightest crayon in the box, but he is devoted to LouElla and has a very sweet nature.
LouElla has two Sisters and three Brothers.
Her older sister, Jindy is a seamstress and weaver with a curvaceous figure and sharp green eyes. Her silver streaked blonde hair is secured in two fat braids when She‘s working. She raises a breed of small shaggy goats for their fine wool and rich milk. From the wool she spins and weaves lovely soft fabric that she dyes using natural ingredients gleaned from the forest. From the goat’s milk she makes a variety of savory cheeses. Jindy habitually sings as she works. Her voice is Her Magic. She is married to Jules who is the Village woodworker. Jules can make anything from wood, from the finest polished bowl from a walnut burl, to the sturdy tables and benches that furnish the Owl’s Daughter’s Inn. His clever fingers skillfully weave willow branches into all manner of useful items. Jules spends much of his time tramping the surrounding forests, gathering the raw materials of his trade, or in his small workshop that smells pleasantly of sawdust and the walnut oil he uses to polish his finer pieces. Jules is almost always in the company of He and Jindy’s two Sons, Jasper and Jimbo.
LouElla’s younger Sister, Fern is apprenticed to their Grandmother, Granny Lizbet who is the Village Healer and most venerated elder. Under Granny Lizbet’s careful tutelage, Fern has grown to know the herbs, berries and mushrooms of the surrounding countryside with all their healing properties, intimately. She helps her Grandmother tend their bountiful Herb Garden, and knows all the secret places rare medicinal plants grow in the wild. Harvesting, drying, storing and preparing herbal remedies, as well as administering them to the Folk who need them is her daily routine. Fern also plays beautiful melodies on her mandolin, and a small hand carved wooden flute. Fern is usually accompanied by Sage, a Common Grackle She raised from a baby. Sage is free to come and go, and he does. But invariably, when he does return to his mistress, it is with some tidbit of news, or gossip that he whispers into her delicately pointed ear. Sage is fond of sleeping in the warm hollow of Fern’s shoulder and neck, and is most often completely hidden from sight behind the curtain of Her long chestnut hair. Outsiders might consider the petite maiden with well dark eyes a witch, and Sage her familiar, but the Villager’s know her as a tender-hearted soul who’s greatest purpose in life is to relieve other’s pain and suffering with her herbal remedies and soothing music. Healing is Fern’s Magic.
Dougal is LouElla’s older Brother and the village Blacksmith. He is a burly man with a bushy black beard and wild hair. His barrel chest and thickly muscled form, combined with the unavoidable grime of his trade, make him appear a formidable figure. Dougal, however, is actually a very mild mannered, gentle soul with a surprisingly mellow tenor singing voice. Dougal is wed to Daisy. Daisy is delightful, with bright red hair and a multitude of freckles. She is tall for a halfling, topping her husband by several inches, and has a slender, willowy figure. Daisy’s laughter is her Magic, but she can‘t carry a tune in a bucket. She has a large flock of speckled chickens, and supplies most of the Village with fresh eggs. Her chickens are unaccountably fond of Dougal’s work area and are most usually underfoot, often with singed feathers from the sparks that fly from under his hammer.
Dougal’s twin Brother is Eli. Eli is a Druid. His Magic is deep and powerful, and his life is spent Learning. Eli does not live in the Village, but instead dwells within the most secret places of the forest, where his Magic originates. He comes forth when he is needed, be it for a sacred ritual or simply to connect with a Sibling. While Dougal is stout and dark, Eli is slender, with long, silvery blond hair and smoky gray eyes.
The youngest NicOwl Brother is Sedge. Still considered a young adult at the tender age of 42, He spends much of His time hunting, fishing and flirting with the Village Maidens. If there is adventure to be found, Sedge will find it. He is the Family’s golden boy, with bright blond curls, sparkling blue eyes and dimples when he grins, which is most of the time.

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