Thursday, November 11, 2010

A tribute to my Mom

When this child was born, on June 8, 1920, a shining light blinked on in this World.  JoAnn Irma Chapin has been lighting the lives of everyone she meets, ever since.

She grew up on a fruit farm in Michigan, and was surrounded by Love from day one.  She has been sharing it with abandon ever since.  One of the first lessons I learned from my Mother is that Love has no limits, as long as you share it.  The more you give, the more you get in return. 
Her playground was Lake Michigan beach.  You can't go wrong with that!  She taught me to always appreciate and respect what nature has provided for us.  

She taught me not to be afraid to cry, but that smiling would always get you further... even if it hurt your face.  Laughter is even better.  I'll bet you can guess which one is her.  That's right!  The Gal with the big, beautiful smile.
Who can resist that smile?  I know my Dad couldn't!  She graduated from Shelby High school in 1938 and went to live in Kalamazoo with her Sister, Doris.  She worked as a telephone operator. (remember those?)  She always did enunciate her numbers very clearly after that.

A few years later, She married the man of her dreams, and started our Family.  Mom gave me seven wonderful Siblings, (that's me on my Daddy's lap) and taught all of us to be good, loving, happy people.  She and my Dad also took in numerous foster children over the years.  There were many lessons learned through sharing my home with less fortunate children, the most important being- What a difference Love makes!  As if that wasn't enough, Mom provided day care for many local kids, while their parents went to work.  Many of those kids still keep in touch with my Mom, with love.  What goes around, comes around.

We had a week long family reunion this Summer, and at 90 years of age, Mom was there.  Our precious Matriarch, beaming her beautiful smile and spreading her endless supply of Love.  She gets more fragile as time passes, and one day she will no longer be with us, physically.  But she will always be with us in spirit, in the lessons she has taught us, and most especially in the Love that abounds in our Family.  Always guiding, embracing, teaching and uplifting us.  Thank you, Mom.  I Love you.

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  1. How beautiful! She is a lovely lady! Thanks for sharing!