Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now THIS is what I call "PATINA"!

Don't you just love this crazing??  To me, this indicates not only age, but use.  Lots and lots of use.  Somebody depended on this piece of ironstone to provide years of service.

What do you supposed was put in this vessel?  Something hot, I would imagine, judging by the discoloration. 

I'm betting it was liquid of some sort, based on the spout.  Hot chocolate, or mulled cider, maybe?

Check out this handle.  It's both attractive and serviceable.  It feels wonderful in your hand!

Isn't she gorgeous?  I found this wonderful old ironstone pitcher at... Goodwill of course!  For my favorite price of 99 cents.  They must have figured it wouldn't sell for more, based on the excessive crazing and discoloration.  Little did they know that those very things make this lovely pitcher even more attractive to me!

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  1. Wonderful find! I love crazing like this, too!