Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fresh Thrift Pickin's!!

My Thrifting time has been severely hampered by my new job, but, when I do get the chance to go, I now have the funds necessary to bring my treasures home!  I still manage to find my way to some of my favorite Thrift stores on a fairly regular basis.  These are some of the goodies I gathered in the last two weeks...

I am totally in love with this tall white vase!  It has such an elegant shape, and a lovely, perfect matte finish.  Just $3.99 at Goodwill!

I found this triple strand of vintage faux pearls at the same Goodwill, on the same day.   My 16 year old Daughter likes to wear vintage pearls to school, much to my delight!  I find single pieces of the depressionware bridge set quite often, and usually for very little money.  I thought this dainty pink heart was a steal for .59 cents! 

This lovely vintage table cloth was just $1.99, and the crochet edged dresser scarf a mere .25 cents.

I really needed a planter in this color to round out the collection I have with plants at work.  This one will be perfect once I decide what plant to put in it.

I belive this turned wood pedestal was a woodshop project, since it has the name Maxwell scrawled on the bottom in ink.  Max did an excellent job, in my opinion.  I hope he got an A.  What is it with swans, anyway?  I can't seem to avoid bringing them home, though I tell myself again and again, "You don't need any more swans!"   But they are vintage, and creamy white, and classic...
Don't you just love this little polka dotted squirrel?  He is in need of some gentle cleaning but I don't want to scrub off his dots!

And last, but not least is my wonderful green planter that I just filled with miniature daffodils!   Even with the potted flowers, I didn't pay more than $25 for this whole lot!!  Happy, happy Spring, Everyone! 


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