Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making progress on my Steampunk Library!

I've found some pretty awesome "Steampunk" items this Summer, and finally got those finds put together. 

First I found these beauties.  I don't usually buy in antique shops, because I'm a bit of a skinflint...  I do like to browse the shops though, and spotted these wonderful old opera glasses.  Instant LOVE!  They haunted my dreams that night and I was forced to return and purchase them.

My next discovery was this gem.  Yup, that's right!  It's a vintage Electromagnetic Generator, probably used for demonstration purposes in a science class.  It actually works!  The faster you crank the handle, the brighter the bulb glows.  It also makes an awful metal on metal screeching noise, and will zap you, if you touch it in the wrong place!

This is my most exciting discovery!  On my most recent "Girl's Weekend", we stopped at a barn sale.  Inside a really cool old barn, stuffed with wonderful old furniture was this awesome Clock Shelf!  The clock face was badly damaged, but behind it... beautiful, beautiful brass clock works!  It's missing it's pendulum, but the gears move freely and best of all,  IT GONGS!! 

So here it is... the beginings of my Steampunk Library Corner! 

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  1. This looks great! Love the photo in a bottle idea.