Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's an interesting find...

You just never know what you'll run across when thrifting...
Who wouldn't be thrilled to discover something like this?  Well apparently, plenty of folks passed this item by, because I found it at, what I prefer to call the "last chance" Goodwill store.  It's actually called the "as is" store, but come on, everything at Goodwill is "as is", isn't it?

It was originally marked $3.99, which I suppose was just too much for such an odd item.  But remember, at the "last chance" store, everything is marked way down, so I got it for a mere .79 cents!  It is a genuine antique shoe last, after all, embellished with genuine vintage stamps.

Judging by the overall patina, those stamps were added quite a while back.  Yes, it is indeed an odd item, with no practical use, but I love it anyway.  And did you notice the cute little vintage bow tie I found on the same day?  It was right there in the same store, and I got it for a mere .29 cents.  You just never know what you'll find, but it is certain that you won't find anything if you don't look!


  1. Happy New Year!
    Is it a real shoe makers shoe form?
    Great find. Wish I lived near a last chance store.

  2. Yup! It's a genuine antique shoe last! I hope you have a Happy New Year, too!!

  3. Hey girl! Just checking in and hoping all is OK and you've been super-busy. Miss you!